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Sidekick 3 Themes
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July 2008
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Rev Love Evolver ☭ [userpic]

download here.

Here's a more chic theme as I promised yesterday.
The folder background is the same as the main one. The large logo is the splash graphic.
This is a really simple, but chic theme. It was inspired by a special edition iPhone released by a brand called CITIZEN:citizen. I'd rather use my Sidekick, but I don't have $2,000, YES. $2,000 to spend on that phone. It comes with some added features and such, but I really liked the look, so I made one for my Sidekick.
You could pass it off a punky Chanel theme if you want to.

And a bonus screen saver that must be sent to you Tmail, saved to your phone, NOT your memory card. And then set under security settings. The screen saver is another product by CITIZEN:citizen. If you're interested as to what it is, you can visit their site and browse their 30 or so item catalog for it.

Current Music: "Tjeckien, Slovakien och tillbaks igen" by Slagsmålsklubben