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Sidekick 3 Themes
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July 2008
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Rev Love Evolver ☭ [userpic]
Fallout 3

download here.

This is kind of a darker them that I made for my little brother. I figure I'd upload it in case anyone was interested. It is for the Fallout 3 video game set to release Q4 2008.
The second folder image is the same as the main folder image.
And the splash image is the soldier, he isn't present anywhere else except for the phone splash.

OH! And here is a bonus matching screen saver:

I forget how to install them, but I think you just email it to your T-mail and save it to you device, not to your memory card. Then set it under Security options.

I doubt anyone will download this... So to make up for it, I'll upload a chicer theme tomorrow or later this week. OH! Does anyone know if the theme for the new Sidekicks are formatted the same way as the ones for SK3s?

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